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For Your Halloweeny Pleasure: Tales of Horror 4!

I am participating in a spooky online Halloween event: the San Mateo Public Library's TALES OF HORROR 4! It starts today:

Spooky stories! Costumed authors! A Halloween treat.

The videos are going up over the course of the month, staggered.

Mine comes October 19th. I'll be reading a scene from LILITU. Here's the link:


10/1/2020: Emerian Rich

10/5/2020: Loren Rhoads

10/8/2020: R.L. Merrill

10/12/2020: Sumiko Saulson

10/15/2020: Alanna McFall

10/17/2020: Jonathan Fortin - Author

10/22/2020: Laurel Anne Hill

10/26/2020: Jay Hartlove

10/29/2020: Ben Monroe

Come watch!

Thank you San Mateo Public Library and for hosting me!


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