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England, 1876. Twenty-year-old Maraina Blackwood has always struggled to adhere to the restrictive standards of Victorian society, denying the courage and desire that burn within her soul. But when demons and vampires take over England and enslave its mortals, Maraina survives the bloody revolt by becoming a succubus: an embodiment of everything her parents told her not to be.

Now reborn as a demon of lust, Maraina vows to free England from its new masters by seducing and killing the worst of them all: Salem Sotirios, a cruel incubus lord who commands both breathtaking allure and unimaginable power. But as Maraina finds herself battling not only Salem’s army, but also her own desire to succumb to the corruption he offers, she begins to realize that victory will mean becoming something her enemies will never expect: a powerful succubus warrior, hell-bent on overthrowing an empire. 

LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS is an intoxicating Gothic Fantasy set in a world of demonic aristocrats, bloody rituals, and nightmarish monsters, perfect for fans of Anne Rice’s VAMPIRE CHRONICLES. 



P R A I S E  F O R  L I L I T U

"An epic dark fantasy for the ages, Lilitu: The Memoirs of a Succubus solidifies Jonathan Fortin's place atop the Gothic throne."--Jess Landry, Bram Stoker Award-winning author

"Hauntingly seductive and beautifully terrifying."--Emerian Rich, author of Night's Knights Vampire Series

"An engaging and disturbing alternate history/reality tale spun from the clever mind of a talented new voice in horror."--R.L. Merrill

"This Steampunk Gothic, in the spirit of Anno Dracula, was so much fun!"--Loren Rhoads, co-author of Lost Angels

"Lilitu blends together alternate history, fantasy, and blasphemy in a delight fully dark tale."--E.M. Markoff, author of The Deadbringer

I N T E R V I E W  W I T H  T H E  A U T H O R

What makes this Dark Fantasy novel so special? 

Lilitu intends to do for succubi and incubi what Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles did for vampires: exploring the emotional implications of their folklore with unprecedented depth to tell an epic Gothic Horror story that spans years. Furthermore, it uses them to explore issues of class and gender in Victorian England, satirizing the hypocrisies of the elite and exploring how nightmares are normalized in oppressive societies.

Tell us more about Lilitu's protagonist, Maraina Blackwood? 

Maraina is a rebellious young woman who becomes a succubus in the wake of a demonic uprising, leaving her torn between the teachings of her youth and her desire to survive. Determined to make things right, Maraina seeks to end the demonic rule over England, but learns that doing so will mean seducing one of Hell's most wicked demons—and embracing a side of herself she was always forced to repress. Lilitu chronicles Maraina’s emotional transformation from a frightened Victorian girl into a powerful succubus warrior, hell-bent on overthrowing an empire. Through her, Lilitu fashions a heroine from an archetype long demonized: that of the seductress who takes control of her own sexuality.

Who are some of Lilitu's other characters? 

Lilitu's dynamic cast includes Salem, a ruthless (but inhumanly sexy) incubus lord; Loretta, a masochistic demon burlesque dancer; Alkin, a cunning musician with a secret; Sven, a tortured vampire assassin; and Queen Isabelle, England’s deranged new monarch. 

Why should readers give this book or your work a try? 

A macabre tale of monsters and magic, Lilitu reads like the unholy union of Charles Dickens and Clive Barker, with dashes of H.P. Lovecraft and Jules Verne for good measure. Lilitu has something for everyone—mysteries, epic action sequences, kinky eroticism, and blood-curdling terror. There are also elements of grimdark, steampunk, paranormal romance, and bildungsroman, all converging together to create an emotionally complex, female-fronted dark fantasy tale about how our desires, fears, and traumas can transform us forever.

U N O F F I C I A L  S O U N D T R A C K


1. ELEND - Overture

2. SEPTICFLESH - Lovecraft's Death

3. IGORRR - Tout Petit Moineau

4. MOONSPELL - Night Eternal


6. THE CURE - This Is A Lie (Ambient Mix)

7. DIE FORM - InHuman

8. BELPHEGOR - Bluhtsturm Erotika

9. DIAMANDA GALAS - L'heautontimoroumenos

10. TORI AMOS - Raining Blood

11. VIRGIN BLACK - The Everlasting

12. CINEMA STRANGE - The Red and Silver Fantastique and the Libretto of the Insipid Minstrel

13. DARK SANCTUARY - La Clameur du Silence

14. DIMMU BORGIR - A Succubus In Rapture

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Please note that this soundtrack is strictly unofficial and for entertainment purposes only.


Art by Salome Totladze

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