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My name is Jonathan Fortin.


I write Dark Fantasy and Gothic HorrorMy work includes the novel Lilitu: The Memoirs Of A Succubus, as well as short fiction like Requiem In Frost

In 2017 I won the "Next Great Horror Writer" competition from I attended the Clarion Writing Program in 2012, one year after graduating summa cum laude from San Francisco State University's Creative Writing program.


Come explore my macabre world. 

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Thanks ;)




“One of the Best Books of 2020”
Books Of Blood

“An epic dark fantasy for the ages.

Lilitu: The Memoirs of a Succubus solidifies Jonathan Fortin's place atop the Gothic throne.”​- Jess Landry

Available now on Paperback, Kindle, & Audiobook


My short story A LITTLE RED THREAD appears in the anthology BLOOD GAMES, edited by Gabrielle Faust. The anthology has stories focused on "vampires and their games," and can be purchased from Amazon using this link.

Press release:

Do you care to gamble...with your life?

An aging cage fighter meets an unfortunate fate and is offered the opportunity of a lifetime by a mysterious Russian Fan...

A Countess and her lover’s game tests the limits of their vanity...

A young vampire in Mexico City must compete in an ancient Mayan game to survive....

Throughout this highly innovative collection, the internationally acclaimed, award-winning authors of BLOOD GAMES: A Vampire Anthology explore the world of the undead and the twisted games they play, not only with their prey, but with each other.

“Introduction” by Dacre Stoker

“A Word From the Editor” by Gabrielle Faust

Authors Included:

Jonathan Maberry

Linda D. Addison

Jeff Strand

Gabrielle Faust

Sèphera Girón

David C. Hayes

JG Faherty

Roh Morgon

Rain Graves

Michael H. Hanson

Sumiko Saulson

John Palisano

Gustavo Bondoni

Jonathan Fortin

Andrew Robertson

I had a lot of fun writing this one. I hope you enjoy reading it just as much!

I'm delighted to announce that my REVERSE MERMAID story THE SOULLESS EYES OF A FISH will be appearing in Atomic Carnival Books's GREATER THAN HIS NATURE anthology.

It comes out Oct. 24, 2023. You can pre-order it here:


In every laboratory that is, was, or ever will be, there are two diametrical energies at play: chaos and control. The raw pandemonium of what is, and the diamond-sheen of what could be. And in between? Blood, bones, and bodies. Because no equation, no solution, will ever contain the wild entropy of the human heart.

Featuring 20 tales of mad science gone awry from Katharine Duckett, A.T. Greenblatt, Ally Malinenko, Tyler Battaglia, Samantha H. Chung, Jonathan Fortin, Brianna Nicole Frentzko, Josh Hanson, Wade Hunter, M.W. Irving, Pooja Joshi, Andrew Kozma, K.L. Mill, Lena Ng, Robert Perez, Zachary Rosenberg, Jennifer Lee Rossman, Violet Schwegler, and Nicole M. Wolverton. Edited by Eirik Gumeny.

But what are Reverse Mermaids, you ask? Well, instead of their top half being human and bottom half being fish, they're fish running around with human legs. For a laugh, watch this performance of one singing "PART OF YOUR WORLD":

My short story REQUIEM IN FROST is now on Audiobook! Grab it here.

During a biting Norwegian Winter, a little girl and her mother move to a new home...only to discover it's haunted by the ghost of a murdered black metal musician. Chaos ensues.

I had a blast(beat) writing this story a few years back. HorrorAddicts produced the audiobook version, and invited me to do the male voices (including some death growls).

I hope you'll check it out if you enjoy my work.


The Jonathan Fortin Chronicle

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