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current projects

All project titles are code names.


Project Spiral

Status: complete / querying

Genre: Cosmic Horror / Science Fantasy / New Weird

Comps: Locked Tomb, Necrotek, Stranger Things, Crimson Peak, Annihilation, The Last Of Us

In a gothic biopunk future ruled by warring eldritch gods, autistic 18-year-old Syrus has been promised to the worst one of all. Now, to stop it from turning him into a monster, he must join an order of shadow-bending knights who will kill him if they learn he’s been infected by their enemy.

Lilitu: Books 2 & 3

Status: writing

Genre: Dark Fantasy / Gothic Horror 

Don't want to say too much yet, but I've been working hard on the sequels to LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS. More information to be announced soon.


Project Bingo

Status: workshopping / editing

Genre: Horror Comedy

Comps: Cornetto Trilogy, Black Mirror, Evil Dead, Good Omens, They Live

Four amateur demon slayers fight through the modern dystopia of San Francisco in order to stop a sinister scheme. Now if they could also just figure out how to afford the rent...

Project Damned

Status: writing

Genre: Gothic Romantasy

Comps: Ninth House, Crescent City

Dark Academia. A Gomez & Morticia style romance. More monsters than you can shake a stick at. I can't say much about Damned just yet, but I'm having a ton of fun writing it and I'm very excited to share it with you.

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