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My friend E.M. Markoff was kind enough to host my guest blog: HOW METAL CHANGED MY LIFE!

Check it out, and while you're at it, be sure to read her own work! She's a fabulous author.

REQUIEM IN FROST is now available on in ebook form. Woohoo!

Also, has put up the Blog Tour and the list of promotional events we're doing for the book. I'm going to go ahead and give a little more detail for you. All events listed in Pacific Standard Time.

EXCERPT & PRESS RELEASE: has already put up the press release, which contains an excerpt if you want to get a taste of what the story has to offer!

LIVE Q&A (9/26/19, 12pm - 12:30 PST): I'll be doing a Live Q&A on Twitter! I'll be happily answering questions about REQUIEM, LILITU, and whatever else.

THE CROW TWITTER WATCH PARTY (10/1/19, 8pm - 10pm PST): Another event on Twitter. We're going to be watching THE CROW and discussing its themes of vengeance, metal, and the Heroic Supernatural, all of which relate to REQUIEM IN FROST! THE CROW is available on Netflix.

E.M. MARKOFF BLOG VISIT - HOW METAL CHANGED MY LIFE (10/1/19): The fabulous E.M. Markoff will be very kindly hosting my guest blog on her website! Update: It's here!

LIBRARY TALES OF HORROR (10/2/19, 7pm - 8pm @ San Mateo Library): I'll be one of several costumed authors reading spooky stories at the San Mateo library. The full list: Trinity Adler, Laurel Anne Hill, Jonathan Fortin, Mercy Hollow, J. Malcolm Stewart, E.M. Markoff, R.L. Merrill, Ben Monroe, Loren Rhoads, Emerian Rich, and Sumiko Saulson. Naturally, I'll be reading from REQUIEM IN FROST. Here's the Facebook event, and here's a flyer:

NACHING T. KASSA BLOG VISIT - EXCERPT (10/5/19): The fantastic Naching T. Kassa (who helped edit the story) will very kindly be hosting an excerpt from REQUIEM IN FROST on her blog! Update: It's here!

25 OF THE MOST METAL FILMS THAT AREN'T ABOUT METAL (10/6/19): My blog post about movies that aren't ABOUT Metal but still FEEL Metal will be launching over at HorrorAddicts! Update: It's here!

HORRORTREE BLOG VISIT - THE EVOLUTION OF REQUIEM OF FROST (10/7/19): Excellent horror blog HorrorTree has very kindly agreed to host my blog post about my writing process for REQUIEM IN FROST!

CHILLING CHAT (10/7/19): I'll be having a spooky chat over at HorrorAddicts!

LOREN RHOADS BLOG VISIT - 5 QUESTIONS WITH LOREN RHOADS (10/10/19): The exceptional Loren Rhoads very kindly agreed to interview me on her blog!

R.L. MERRILL BLOG VISIT - REQUIEM IN FROST UNOFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK (10/11/19): The badass R.L. Merrill very kindly agreed to host the Unofficial Soundtrack for the book over on her blog!

EMERIAN RICH BLOG VISIT - EXCERPT (10/13/19): The amazing Emerian Rich (to whom I will be eternally grateful for putting all this together) will be hosting another excerpt from the story on her blog!

FINALE - LIVE INTERVIEW (10/19/19): I'll be doing a live interview over at!

I invite you to join me for any of the above events!

Tomorrow, my Black Metal themed short story REQUIEM IN FROST will launch and become available on Amazon. Here's the cover art and blurb:


Located in the deep frostbitten woods of Norway, Ingrid’s new home is old, spooky, and possibly haunted. Guttural screams wake Ingrid and her mother nightly. When they discover the shrieks belong to deceased former occupant and extreme metal musician, Skansi Oppegård, Ingrid investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. Hoping to exorcise Skansi’s ghost, she talks her mom into being part of a metal band. Oppegård’s last musical creation awakens forces beyond Ingrid’s understanding and causes Skansi’s murderer to resurface. In the battle between a madman and zombies, metal may be the only weapon she has.

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