"Lace me up, come on."

Wow, my book isn't even out yet and it already has a cosplay!

Harlequinarts Cosplay & Crafts was inspired to cosplay Loretta from LILITU. Definitely check out Harlequinarts's work--she's amazing and I'm very moved to see her cosplaying one of my characters.

Thank you Harlequinarts!





Want a sneak peek at LILITU? Want something to read but can't afford anything? Then check out LILITH IN REPOSE, a free short story set in the LILITU world.

Ever since the Nightfall, Sister Esther has seen her quaint English convent steadily transform under a new regime, with its highest nuns and priests changing into immortal, beautiful yet terrifying monsters. Now, the time has come for Esther's own transformation...but can she accept the dark truth of what she will become?

A short tale set in the Dark Fantasy world of Lilitu: The Memoirs of a Succubus, Lilith in Repose is a glimpse into the life of an ordinary mortal yearning for something greater.


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LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS launches March 27th, this Friday. Pre-order it here for Kindle or Paperback:

Pre-orders are now available for both the Kindle and Paperback versions of LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS.

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