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LILITU Audiobook Available Now!

LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS is now available on AUDIOBOOK! Listen as Nadia Van Der Westhuizen brings Maraina Blackwood, Salem Sotirios, and the rest of Lilitu's cast to life with a performance that is elegant, seductive and endlessly engaging:

Synopsis: When vampires and demons take over Victorian England, twenty-year-old MARAINA BLACKWOOD is chosen to become a succubus--a demon that feeds through carnal acts. But Maraina has no intention of letting the corrupt new monarchy control her, and vows to overthrow it.

Joining a secret, ragtag group of rebels, Maraina begins a dangerous mission: seduce, manipulate, and eventually kill SALEM SOTIRIOS, a high-ranking incubus whose power is matched only by his cruelty. And conflicted though she is, Maraina finds that succeeding in her mission will mean embracing all that she once buried.

Exploring class and gender dynamics, LILITU is a Gothic Horror novel with the scale of a fantasy epic.

Thank you to Hellbound Books for publishing the audiobook, and thanks as well to Joe at Crystal Lake Publishing for publishing the original novel (which is still available for Kindle and Paperback and free on KU if audiobooks aren't your thing).

Some have asked me why I didn't do the audiobook myself, since I am a voice actor. The answer is that, since the book is from Maraina Blackwood's perspective, and Maraina Blackwood is an English woman, I wanted an actual English woman to do the audiobook. I hope to record the audiobooks for future books, however--ones where my voice is more naturally suitable.

I can't wait for people to hear Nadia's exquisite reading of LILITU.


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