My blog tour has zoomed back to HorrorAddicts. Here's a list of movies that aren't *about* metal but still FEEL metal (at least to me).

My thinking here was, other lists of "Most Metal Movies" only ever feature movies that are explicitly about metal. My own criteria was, "Do the images in the movie feel like they could be metal album covers? Could you put metal on the soundtrack and have it feel right? Does the story feel like it could also be that of a metal concept album? Does it feel powerful and meticulously constructed in the way that good metal does?" Hopefully that makes this a more interesting, if controversial, list.

If you want to read the opening of REQUIEM IN FROST before committing to buying it, now you can!

Naching T. Kassa has been kind enough to host this excerpt on her blog:

Naching was one of my competitors in the Next Great Horror Writer Contest, whose work was so consistently amazing that she held first place for most of the competition. (I only won by making it into the Top 3 and then winning the final challenge, which was for our novels.) Naching is now Head of Publishing for HorrorAddicts and an intern for Crystal Lake Publishing. Indeed, she was one of the editors for REQUIEM IN FROST! I highly recommend checking out her work.

My friend E.M. Markoff was kind enough to host my guest blog: HOW METAL CHANGED MY LIFE!

Check it out, and while you're at it, be sure to read her own work! She's a fabulous author.