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I can now confirm that LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS is launching in December 2019. It is being published by Crystal Lake Publishing.

Here is some beautiful promo art I had done up by Salome Totladze @MORGANA0ANAGROM. Please note this is not the cover art, which will be done by Ben Baldwin.


"England, 1876. Twenty-year-old Maraina Blackwood has always struggled to adhere to the restrictive standards of Victorian society, denying the courage and desire that burn within her soul. But after a terrifying supernatural encounter, Maraina's instincts compel her to action.

Maraina soon discovers a plot to unleash a nightmarish new world—a world of demonic aristocrats, bloody rituals, and unfathomable cruelty. Putting her upbringing aside, Maraina vows to fight the dark forces assuming control of England. But as her world transforms, Maraina finds that she too must transform...and what she becomes will bring out all that she once buried.

The first chapter in an epic Gothic saga, LILITU: THE MEMOIRS OF A SUCCUBUS tells a story of rebellion in the face of a threat that is both demonic and all too human."

Watch this space. I'll be posting much more about LILITU in the coming weeks.

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